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Business Biogenetics - Family Legacy

Family Legacy


Discovering the distinctive technology entrusted to your family is the gateway to a realm of endless possibilities. It's the key that unlocks new horizons and opens doors to innovation and growth.


This 12-week program is a thorough exploration of your family's structure and operations. It will lead to increased clarity and alignment of vision, a deeper appreciation of each family member's role in the overarching family dynamics, and a reinvigorated sense of purpose and mission.

Some of the Topics We Cover

  • The physical, emotional & spiritual significance of your family

  • Understanding each member's personal technology

  • Aligning of vision

  • The divine flow and structure

  • Family office

  • Family brand identity

  • You unique family legacy

  • And more!


What’s Included:

12 Comprehensive Modules

Our course is divided into 12 modules. Each family member is invited to participate at the level he or she is able to.  Each carefully designed to draw out and engage the innate purpose and design of each member and the family as a whole.

6 Live Meetings

You will receive four 90 minute  private virtual meetings where you can connect with our team, ask questions, and receive personalized insight.


Private Navigator

You won't be alone on this journey. You'll have a dedicated private navigator by your side, ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning experience.

Exclusive Savings & Offers

Enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on additional resources, courses and more as a valued member of our community.

Access to Industry Experts

Gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders, providing you with real-world knowledge and practical advice to excel in your field.

Family Voyager Pack

The Family Voyager Pack has been meticulously curated to incorporate an assortment of gifts designed to enhance your overall experience and extend its benefits well beyond the culmination of your course.

Family Emblem

As part of your package, you will be receive a custom designed family emblem, created as a symbolic representation of your unique genetic imprint.

Your Personalised Family Book

You will receive a hard-bound family book, an invaluable resource for reflecting on the insights and revelations from your journey and bringing vision and understanding to future generations.

Future Access to Special Events

You'll have access to exclusive events, webinars, and networking opportunities to expand your professional horizons

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