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From Tokyo to Buenos Aires: A Worldwide Exploration of Family Business Triumphs

Revealing the Sucess Stories of International Enterprises With Family At the Heart

window seat view from an airplane looking down into the clouds

There are countless narratives that you could easily become a student of when exploring the influence of familial structures on entrepreneurial success across national borders. Our exploration extends beyond that of the UK & Europe, and leads us to destinations ranging from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires where family lies in the heart of some of the globe’s most successful multi-million dollar enterprises. Family businesses have prospered across Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America & South America, each telling its own distinctive story but also showcasing why a certain commonality can impart to the success and endurance of business activity. Come along with us as we adventure through the continents to reveal a variety of triumphant stories from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, from Kano to Gujarat, and from Melbourne to Arkansas.


MTN Group: Connecting Africa Digitally

The sun setting over the Johannesburg skyline

MTN traces its origins to South Africa. Established in 1994 by businessman and philanthropist Phuthuma Nhleko, MTN has become a pivotal force in revolutionising digital connectivity across the African continent. Hailing from Johannesburg, Nhleko's vision was to bridge communication gaps in Africa, fostering inclusivity and progress. The family-oriented values of the MTN Group are reflected in its commitment to providing affordable and accessible mobile services, catalyzing economic growth and technological advancement throughout Africa.

Bidco Africa: Nurturing Growth in East Africa

A storage warehouse filled with packages

Bidco Africa has flourished as a leading player in East Africa's consumer goods sector. Founded by the visionary Vimal Shah in Thika, Kenya, Bidco has expanded its footprint across the region. Notably, Vimal Shah and his family have been advocates for sustainable business practices, emphasizing environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing. This commitment aligns with the company's values, reflecting a dedication to nurturing not just business growth but also the well-being of East African communities.

Dangote Group: Industrial Excellence 

construction workers laying down cement

Rooted in Nigeria, Dangote Group stands as a symbol of industrial prowess and economic empowerment. Founded by the enterprising Aliko Dangote, the business originated in Kano, Nigeria. Aliko Dangote's journey from a small trading firm to a conglomerate spanning industries like cement, sugar, and more is evidence of his astute business acumen. The Dangote family's commitment to industrial excellence is evident in their focus on local production, contributing significantly to Nigeria's economic development and self-sufficiency.


Samsung Group: South Korea's Finest

A black Samsung phone played on top of a black table

The global technology powerhouse known as Samsung, originated in Daegu, South Korea. Founded by Lee Byung-chul, the business has evolved into a technological juggernaut with a diverse portfolio. Lee Byung-chul's vision to contribute to society through innovation laid the foundation for Samsung's global success. The Lee family's were dedicated towards innovation and progress and it is evident in Samsung's continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies, that have made a lasting impact on the global electronics market.

Reliance Industries: Shaping India's Industrial Landscape

The Mumbai skyline with a mountain view in the background

Reliance Industries, a conglomerate of global significance, finds its origins in Mumbai, India. Established by the visionary Dhirubhai Ambani, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping India's economy. Dhirubhai Ambani's journey from a small village in Gujarat to founding one of India's largest conglomerates is a clear example of his entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. The Ambani family's commitment to business excellence and societal impact is reflected in Reliance Industries' diverse operations, encompassing petrochemicals, telecommunications, and retail, contributing significantly to India's economic growth.

Mitsubishi Corporation: Centuries of Japanese Excellence

A black mitsibushi car

With roots dating back to 1870 in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi Corporation has become a symbol of Japanese business excellence. Founded by the Mitsubishi family, the corporation's origins can be traced to Yataro Iwasaki's vision of diversification and global engagement. The Mitsubishi family's aimed to make a societal contribution and have successfully done so with the corporation's values, leading to enduring partnerships and sustainable business practices worldwide.


Visy Industries: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

A package being wrapped in brown paper on a desk

Visy Industries, a global packaging and recycling powerhouse, had its beginnings in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by the entrepreneurial Pratt family, led by Richard Pratt, Visy has become a stalwart in the industry. Richard Pratt's noteworthy achievement includes transforming Visy into one of Australia's largest privately-owned companies. With roots firmly planted in Melbourne, Visy continues to shape the sustainable packaging industry not just in Australia but across Oceania.

Fonterra Co-operative Group: New Zealand's Dairy Legacy 

two blocks of cheese on a chopping board

The Fonterra Co-operative Group, situated in New Zealand, is a globally recognized dairy cooperative. Although not a traditional family business, Fonterra plays a vital role in New Zealand's economy. Founded by farmers who collectively own the cooperative, Fonterra originated in Auckland. The cooperative's unique structure emphasizes collaboration, with the farmers & their families actively participating in the decision-making process. Fonterra's values center around fostering a sustainable dairy industry, ensuring the well-being of farmers, and delivering quality dairy products to consumers worldwide.

North America

Ford Motor Company: Revolutionising the Industry

A blue Ford Mustang on the road

Founded by the visionary Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan, Ford Motor Company has been an major force in the automotive industry over the years. Henry Ford's innovative assembly line revolutionised mass production, shaping American manufacturing for decades to come after its inception. The company's values are deeply rooted in a tradition of adapting to change and pioneering advancements, ensuring its continued influence on the automotive sector globally.

Cargill Inc.: Nourishing the World, Sustaining Family Values

A tractor working on a farm

Cargill Inc., headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a global leader in food and agriculture, with roots dating back to its founding by the Cargill family. Established as a grain storage facility in 1865, the company has grown into a multinational conglomerate. The Cargill family's have remained committed to nourishing the world and their values are embodied in the company's focus on sustainable agriculture, responsible sourcing, and community engagement. Beyond being a major player in the food industry, Cargill's values underscore a dedication to ethical business practices and the well-being of the global community.

Walmart: How One Family's Vision Transformed the Retail Industry

grocery store aisle

Born in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart stands as a retail behemoth, with the Walton family at its helm. Founded by Sam Walton, Walmart's origins lie in providing affordable goods to small-town America. The Walton family's values are embedded in the company's commitment to delivering value to customers, creating a sense of community, and putting the concept of everyday low prices at the forefront. The influence of Walmart stretches far beyond retail; it reflects the resilience and innovation of a family-driven business that has transformed the dynamics of global commerce.

South America

JBS S.A: Nourishing Global Palates

a meat processing factory with employees working in the background

Founded in Brazil, JBS S.A has evolved into a global powerhouse in the meat processing industry. Established by the Batista family, with José Batista Sobrinho at the helm, the company originated in Anápolis. The Batista family's journey from starting a small butcher shop to developing one of the largest meat producers globally is one that's been told around the continent a countloess amount of times. They value quality and innovation, evident in their dedication to delivering premium meat products to tables worldwide.

Grupo Bimbo: Rising as a Baking Giant

French baguettes laid out on a table

Hailing from Mexico, Grupo Bimbo has become synonymous with baking and innovation. Founded by the Servitje family, led by Roberto Servitje Sendra, Grupo Bimbo began its journey in Mexico City. The company's emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility reflects a commitment to not just business success but also societal well-being across the Americas.

Grupo Clarín: Shaping the Media Industry

A woman operating a filming camera

Originating in Argentina, Grupo Clarín has emerged as a leading media conglomerate. Founded by the Noble family, with Roberto Noble as a key figure, the company traces its roots to Buenos Aires. The Noble family's commitment to journalistic integrity is ingrained in Grupo Clarín's core values, shaping the media industry in Argentina and beyond as a result. The family's journey reflects not only business triumph but also a significant influence on public discourse in South America.

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