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Running The Race: A Glimpse Into Life as a Brandgelize Intern

More Than Just a Branding & Web Design Agency

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A New Challenge

Entering the role of a Business Development & Marketing Intern at Brandgelize has been an engaging journey, immersing myself in the dynamic and practical aspects that define the company. As a recent graduate in economics and management, I found my footing in the intricacies of marketing within Brandgelize’s welcoming atmosphere.

In my first couple of weeks, I quickly discovered that Brandgelize values originality. Working alongside this friendly team has proven to be a seamless fit, providing a comfortable environment as I navigated the practical aspects of marketing, branding, and web design. The Company’s core philosophy revolves around the fundamental belief that every business and brand possesses a distinctive identity waiting to be discovered; a belief lodged in the fabric of my daily experiences. From crafting articles for the company website, mastering website building on Wix, to orchestrating email marketing campaigns, and creating visually appealing content using Canva for Instagram posts—the scope of my internship was marked by diverse experiences in creativity and skill development.

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As I engaged in the day-to-day operations, I uncovered the company's strong commitment to helping aspiring brands find their unique voice. Brandgelize’s initiatives extend beyond the ordinary, with a focus on personal and global growth. The team consists of a community of thinkers, designers, and storytellers, united by a shared passion for unlocking undiscovered ideas.

In the following pages, I invite you to join me as I offer insights into life as a Brandgelize intern—a journey that goes beneath the surface, bringing together the practical elements of creativity, innovation, and the transformative power of unlocking the distinct identity within every brand. Together, let's explore how this dynamic company is helping brands effectively share their stories with the world.

Finding My Footing

Originality is the pulse of every business and brand - Brandgelize
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The starting line of my internship at Brandgelize was marked by an immersive induction day, where I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder and CEO, Yeye Ikenna. Her warm welcome set the tone for what turned out to be a busy yet enlightening day. Yeye provided valuable insights into the intricacies of the company, detailing the specific role I would play in the team. Despite the influx of information, her guidance and clarity made the onboarding process smooth and manageable.

During this comprehensive induction, I not only got acquainted with the systems integral to Brandgelize’s operations but also received my first set of tasks—article writing assignments that served as my initial foray into the company's creative endeavours. It was a whirlwind, but the team's supportive environment ensured that I found my footing early on.

One of the highlights of my first week was the opportunity to meet Devin Wright, a key member of the team with whom I would be collaborating on an exciting new project. Tasked with assisting in the launch of a new Brandgelize subsidiary, "Business Biogenetics," I initially felt a hint of intimidation, knowing that I would be diving into unfamiliar software. However, the warmth extended by Devin and the entire team quickly dispelled any apprehension, helping me acclimate to the challenges that lay ahead.

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The inaugural team meeting on my second day provided a broader introduction to the rest of the Brandgelize team, each member extending a warm welcome. As they outlined their respective roles, I couldn't help but notice the common ground I shared with these dynamic individuals. It was a reassuring realisation that I was not just joining a company but becoming part of a like-minded community.

Reflecting on this immersive first week, I felt a surge of excitement about the journey ahead. The support from both Yeye and Devin proved to be a significant boost, instilling in me a sense of confidence and anticipation for the personal and professional growth that awaited. As I found my footing within the Brandgelize family, I embraced the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, eager to contribute my part to the company's collective rhythm.

In the initial weeks at Brandgelize, my focus shifted towards enhancing my role within the company, diving deeper into the intricacies of article writing and expanding my skill set to contribute meaningfully to the team's objectives.

In terms of my article writing skills, I refined my techniques to elevate the quality of my content. Beyond the basics, I explored the world of SEO, learning strategies to enhance website traffic. Understanding the importance of presentation, I familiarized myself with formatting articles according to the company's brand guidelines—playing with fonts, imagery, and colors to ensure a cohesive and visually engaging reader experience.

The exploration extended to linking and referencing articles, a nuanced aspect of content creation that adds depth and connectivity. Creating meta descriptions became another facet of my expanding skill set, enhancing the discoverability of our content in the vast online space.

My role expanded to include the development of email marketing campaigns for the newly launched Business Biogenetics® service. This hands-on experience not only refined my writing skills but also deepened my understanding of effective communication in a marketing context.

Exploring graphic design, I embraced Canva for the first time, creating social media content tailored for Instagram marketing. Collaborating with a fellow team member, I navigated the guidelines essential for creating visually appealing and brand-aligned designs. I was also given an opportunity to take a look into the rich array of clients Brandgelize had garnered over its few years of operation. Witnessing the transformative impact on clients—ranging from logo reinventions to comprehensive branding and social media strategies—underscored the significance of the work we were collectively engaged in.

A pivotal element of my journey was gaining deeper insights into Business Biogenetics, understanding its objectives to holistically aid individuals and businesses in discovering their identity. This not only broadened my appreciation for the scope of our work but also fueled my enthusiasm for the meaningful impact we were striving to achieve.

Weekly check-ins with Yeye became a cornerstone of my progress. These sessions provided a structured platform to track my development, gain valuable feedback, and chart a course for continuous improvement. As I immersed myself in this dynamic environment, momentum built steadily, setting the stage for further growth and contribution within the Brandgelize family.

Cruising The Curves

As the weeks progressed, my journey at Brandgelize took on a new rhythm. This phase saw the application of my academic background, as an economics and business management graduate, in developing a comprehensive marketing plan for the Business Biogenetics service.

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Continuing my exploration of article writing, I found a growing sense of confidence in my skills. With each passing day, I ventured deeper into SEO techniques, unraveling the science behind generating increased traffic for our blogs. This learning process not only refined my writing capabilities but also empowered me to contribute more meaningfully to Brandgelize's content strategy.

In tandem with my writing endeavors, my proficiency in creating designs with Canva saw notable improvement, thanks to the guidance of a more experienced team member. Collaborating on visual elements for our marketing efforts became a smoother and more collaborative process.

A highlight of this period was the opportunity to immerse myself in the BioME course before its official rollout. This firsthand experience was nothing short of enlightening, as the course went into the depths of individual identity and purpose discovery. In addition to the course modules, scheduled meetings with Yeye and Devin provided a unique chance to explore my own answers, engaging in conversations that unraveled what makes me tick as a person. This experience not only contributed to my personal development but also reinforced the impactful nature of the services we were offering.

Breaking the virtual barrier, I had the pleasure of meeting the Brandgelize team in person for a Christmas get-together. Working remotely, this was a significant moment of connection. The warm welcome extended by the team set the tone for a day of bonding over lunch and a leisurely walk through Kings Cross, London. Exploring the area together allowed us to not only share professional insights but also develop a further sense of camaraderie that went beyond the virtual workspace.

As I navigated these curves in my Brandgelize journey, I found a harmonious blend of professional challenges and personal growth. The application of my academic foundation, the refinement of my skills, and the meaningful interactions with the team all contributed to a period marked by dynamic learning and collaborative spirit.

Reflecting on The Race

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As the finish line of my internship at Brandgelize comes into view, reflecting on the race evokes a sense of accomplishment and growth. From the initial strides of "Finding My Footing" to "Building Momentum" and "Cruising the Curves," each leg of this journey has been a dynamic exploration of marketing, branding, and web design. In the process, I've not only honed my skills in a variety of areas but also felt like I become an integral part of the Brandgelize family during the journey.

As I reflect on the race, it's clear that this internship has been more than a professional experience—it's been a journey of discovery, collaboration, and personal development. Brandgelize has not only provided me with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the team but has also nurtured an environment where learning and growth flourish.

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